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Make Better Premium Modifications

Guest JohnBrown

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Could IPS pay or maybe get the modders to make better premium & update modifications?

As currently, there isn't many of these around for IP Board.

There is alot of these money or bank modifications, but there doesn't seem to be any " stable " or ones that are universally used.

vbulletin has alot of modifications that are reguarly updated and upgraded.

I can't really explain what I mean, but hopefully you get the gist of what I'm trying to express.

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Yes, we don't support third party modifications - we aren't going to pay to have them done.

Now, that said, we have (rough) plans of releasing unsupported modifications we've coded internally in the future, but they would (again) be unsupported and you would be using them at your own risk.

Unfortunately, we have no control over whether a mod author updates or supports their own modifications. You should do some more research on the specific authors of modifications you use to see whether you want to use their work. That's the best I can suggest.

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