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Just as that topic says I think people that refer others to IP. Services, should get some compensation upon valid sign up. Meaning if I reffer someone to buy IP. Board, and they buy IP. Blog, IP. Gallery, and IP. Downloads, I should either get a discount on a future purchase, a free one shot year upgrade for a component service, or maybe a coupon to use in the future.

This might work when, signing up for a product you plug in the e-mail of the person that referred or there first and last name. You should only be allowed a maximum of 3-5 referral "bonuses" per 365 days. So that avoids cheating or someone with a lot really not having to pay or getting the bonuses. That also depends what the referred customer purchased...(ie: IP. Community Suite vs. IP. Blog, one has more value - small hosting or large hosting package)


To compensate customers that have others sign up and complete a valid purchase on a IP. Service or IP. Product (ie: hosting signup, board license, transfer...).

Possible Compensation

This depends on what the person buys, and if the transaction is a successful one. You should only be able to benefit if the purchase was made in the last thirty days... so if this program goes live maybe some people will benefit. This also should only work if you are a current licensed customer and have a active license with one or more products and no outstanding invoices.

  • Discount on a future IP. Service (hosting, transfer) or IP. Product (blog, gallery, IDM)
  • Discount on a service renewal (board licensed expired... instead of $25.00 is $15.00)
  • Possibly a discount or free something that will be included in the IPS Beyond updates
  • One Free month on a hosting package if you refer a package bigger then yours. (small refers a large)
  • Extra Disk Space / Bandwidth on any Hosting Package
  • Free Upgrade / Installation for any IPS Product
Anybody is welcome to suggest other things, that was what was on my mind. You guys can revise them as you see fit, but I am again just throwing out a basic idea, I think it would be a great idea here, I don't know what others think.

Suggestions, Comments, Concerns... (w00t)
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It would be abused just to get the discount, people would issue chargebacks after their "friend" got the discount, I am sure it already happens enough without more of a reason to abuse IPS's current discounts.

The current price is perfect, if were to be raised again, I would be the first to say something.

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The only thing that bothers me about pricing is trying to get friends to get on in (got a friend I helped set up a site, we ended up going PHPBB... ugh what a mess), and wanting to purchase a couple more licenses to be able to run mini sub-boards separately. *shrugs*

I got my main company forums so I'm happy enough :P

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Would I (as someone who would get something in return) like it? Of course, I don't turn down freebies. But frankly, if I was in charge of making the decision, I wouldn't do it. We recommend IPS products to our friends because they're the best, not because we expect a kickback.

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  • Management

We had an affiliate program at one point... it didn't work out very well, I'm afraid. :( We could explore that possibility in the future once we've got some other things like IPSBeyond off of our plates.

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What a hosting company that I use does is this:

'We appreciate the word-of-mouth advertising by our clients that brings in new customers. To recognize this, Hosting Company Name has a referral system in place to reward these users. If you refer someone to us, have them enter your domain name on the order form in the referrer box. In exchange for their referral, we'll give you a credit equal to the monthly price of the plan they ordered. So, if you have a Medium account and refer a Super plan to us, you get a credit of $30 that will make your next 3 months of hosting completely free! There is no limit on the number of referrals and the credit is only made after the client's first payment. You are also only eligible for the referral bonus after your first payment is made.'

Something like this could work for hosting.

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