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Thank you Brandon for so elegantly opening up a chance for me to advertise one of my mods, (OV22) View Invisible Calendar Events v1.0 :

"In the IPB Calendar it's sometimes difficult to find all the events submitted by your members that need to be approved before they become visible. You check the current month and the next one, but what if someone has posted about an event six months ahead of time, or two years? This search tool makes it possible for you and your super moderators to gather all invisible events in one list. You can sort by the date of the event, or by the date of when the post was submitted. You can also, of course, select whether you want the results in ascending or descending order.

Note however, that this is just a search, it doesn't make it easier to approve more than one event at a time or facilitate moderation itself in any way."

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Yes, I recall. :) It is a great suggestion, easy to implement, but makes a certain function much easier. I just wanted to post it here so no one forgot.

If I'm not mistaken this hasn't been implemented yet... Would be nice though! :D
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