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Hosted version and Buying the Full Version...

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Okay I was reading a topic in this forum and it said that if I pay 10 dollars a month I get IP.Board but I don't get to add mods and skins. Is this true? Also if I dished out the 150 dollars would I have to pay the 25 dollars or not? The 25 dollars every 6 months is only for upgrades and ticket support right?.

Oh yeah one more question. Wasn't it originally 60 dollars or something along those lines before?


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When you purchase hosting, you get a free encoded copy of IP.Board. Since this is an encoded copy, you cannot perform file edits which some "mods" do, however there are plenty where no file edits are required. As for skins, you can use all skins with IP.Board regardless of having the encoded copy or not.

If you want the unencoded copy, you need to purchase a license. An IP.Board Standard License is $149.99 with 6 months of upgrades and support. You are, however, free to use it after those 6 months.

There was an older IPB yearly license, which was $69.99 - however that is no longer available, and has been replaced by the $149.99 IP.Board Standard License.

With any future questions, this isn't the proper medium to do so - please feel free to contact sales@invisionpower.com


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