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[Suggestion] Profile Portal

Guest Rοb

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What makes up the new profile portal currently?

The middle bit (Posts/Topics/Comments/Friends etc etc). Leave it where it is.

The rest? Let's break it down into sections.

1. Photo.
2. Profile Rating
3. Profile Options
4. Personal Statement
5. Personal info
6. Statistics
7. Contact Information
8. Last Visitors
10. Friends

Yes, yes , yes we know... what are you getting at?!

Most of my users love the new profile sections, however not everyone does. Let's give members the choice...


My idea is simple, make all the sections work in the same way as the current IPB (blog) system works.

Users will be able to enable/disable sections (add their own custom ones?) and move around as they please.

Of course some cannot be disabled (Profile Options, Statistics?), but certainly movable.

This suggestion (should) cater for every user on every board. A real profile portal and unique to each member.

Let me know what you guys think :)

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Thanks for the replies!

Another thing i would like to see in the default profile code...

The "Interests" field moved to the middle. It's just silly having it squashed on the left-hand side when theres potentially a lot of data that needs to be shown.

An example of what i mean can be found here on my Oasiz public profile.

Note: In the version i coded, the "Interests" is now "About Me" and is central :)

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