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Suggestion: Gently PM limitation

Guest Vitaly

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Current PM system has limit for total PM in box. That causes problems with usability. When user PM box is overflowed, nobody can sent PMs to him.

I offer another limitation method. If PM box limit exceeded, then:

  • user still can reseive PMs
  • user can't send own PMs
I think, such limitation is much more user-friendly. We have guaranty, that any PM will be received.

Of cause, that can be combined with existing limitations. For example: cant'n send after 100 PMs in box & can't receive after 200 PMs in box.
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Yes, Digi, you are right. Probably my description was not enougth good.

As far as I understand, even with full box user still can post new PMs. So, bypass "incoming limits" doesn't solve the problem. And applyed for all groups, will become "no limits at all"

I offer to have "outcoming limits" instead "incoming limits" -> Anyone can post, while his own pm box is not full. That looks a bit strange, but seems to be more convenient.

The best result will be with combined approach. For example:

- user can't post, if his PM box has > 100 messages
- user can't receive, if his PM box has > 150 messages

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