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[Suggestion] Add another re-direction forum or two

Guest AndyF

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I notice that theres the pre-sales question re-direction forum to send potential customers to the correct page.

How about a re-direction forum for Technical support or perhaps customer to customer support (going to IPSB) ?

And possibly another one linking to the ticket area (obviously they would need to log in)

These ideas might cut down on the mass of help and technical questions that get asked here that should be sent to a support ticket or a post on IPSB :unsure:

Just a thought anyway :)

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I was half thinking that something would be done when IPSB had its overhaul ;)

I see things here a bit more in the same way a new (or newish) member / customer would as i dont really post or visit here that often (apart from the last few weeks), living on IPSB instead normally (if that makes sense)

But thought id mention it anyway :)

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