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Is the new profile missing options?

Guest immortality

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I didnt know where to put this post, as I dont think its a bug, but I just want to make sure its not me...

In the classic profile you could see the "most active in xxxx forum" and the "xx% of forum posts".
In the new profile I dont find that info, and I think it was jnice to have it...

Is it me or is it you? If its me, where can I enable it? If its you, can you add that info for version 2.2.2?

Thanks :)

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This is not necessary function. In the other way: The old option is not a relevant thing. Matt removed that ,because he wanted to bring a new things to the New "look" Profile.

It seems that matt will not add it again ,and that because he will not need that option. (there is an option to add this function in Invisionize or in the forums of IPSBeyond)
You have 2 Styles profile (Skins Profile) in the Admin Control Panel.

1. The classic Profile.
2. The new Profile.


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Those features (or one of them, I think the "favorite forums" one) actually uses quite a bit of resources, and there isn't really a way to improve the query. As a result, we purposefully left it off of the new profile. Stability of the site is more important than a "user's favorite forum" feature in the long run.

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