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constant updatings

Guest Deltafox

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I have noticed that from the 19/dec/2006 date of release of the last version of IPB, ICB, IPG and IDM,
many bugs have been signalled and correct, many of which indeed serious and annoying..

but later more than one month available always online the same versions.

I would not want that you decide a new version goes out, example 2.2.2 for IPB etc

but as assiduous client to appreciate a best support, that at least maintains adjourned the package of modules in formed .zip already online into client area, inserting and signalling the correct files...

it would be a good thing. because currently the versions online have bug, for already correct very annoying and in some serious cases..

you make at least the updatings and the effected corrections and headings available..

Many Thank's

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I don't think this is such a bad idea. Maybe IPS could release a patch every Friday night that corrects bugs fixed within that week? I think this is a good idea.

I arrange in full!!

Once a week it would be fantastic. VBulletin not by chance makes a thing of the kind...

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@ immortatality

When it is said every it doesn't mean that every week must be us updatings. but at least to put online the fix for the most important bugs..

It can also happen that for months there is no important updatings. but when they there are to put them online...

If currently you follow the section bug tracker you will notice that the actual versions of IPB ICB IPG and IDM are remarkable bug affette...
many of which already correct.
why not to put later online these updatings more than one month from their exit?

For the one who intensely uses the forum it notices the defects...

We hope then soon...


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