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In the ACP when you hit the management bar always loads Category and Forums Overview screen first... This is not good because you might go there for member account or any account issues other than Category and Forums Overview...

Every time I go in (keep in mind my site has so many categories) every single time the program loads Category and Forums Overview.... In ACP it takes time to load that I do this so many time every day...

I recommend to IBP to make a little change to make Category and Forums Overview under management bar to show after a click... Not after you hit management bar....

I hope I am clear....

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Hey guys look at the stuation from this view....

Too many categories... The ACP is not loading only cat names, it loads informaiton, evething you need about CATS...

Big forum too many cats and so on... 100 000 users and so many times i need to go in to member bar to do some adjustments and so on ... Everytime i go in i have to load Category and Forums Overview.... You got the point... ;)

What should it load?

Just a simple page: Empty or Information page or somthing else... If i need to go in to Category and Forums Overview , i will click on the link on the left collum...

That's what i suggest and this is a good idea i believe...

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I have always thought it might be a better idea to load a menu (a replica of the one down the side- maybe throw in some fancy javascript to make expanding categories for the settings) for all tabs except ADMIN - which already has a splash page.

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My suggestion is simple.... Just instead of loading Category and Forums Overview, put a simple frame page that area like a blank page with background image on it...
Then let admin choose where to go from there... Because all the links are on the left collumn

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There is a quick access box from the Admin tab home page - just enter the member name in and hit submit, and it does a member search (bypassing loading the forums page on the Management tab). From there you can click any of the other sidebar links.

Just as a temp workaround.

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I am ok right now. What I am trying to say is this is not a good design for that tab... I am looking for a permanent fix for this... I can wait. Just let us know that you consider the idea

These are the functions under that tab. Any of those functions that you would like to use you have to load categories and all that stuff...

Forum Control
  Manage Forums
  Add New Category
  Add New Forum
  Manage Permissions
  Topic Multi-Moderation
  Trash Can Set-Up

Users and Groups
  Manage Members
  Add New Member
  Manage Ranks
  Manage User Groups
  Manage Validating
  Manage Locked
  Custom Profile Fields
  IP Member Tools
  Member Settings

  Manage Payment Gateways
  Manage Packages
  Manage Transactions
  Manage Currencies
  Manually Add Transaction
  Install Payment Gateways
  Subscription Settings

  Calendar Manager
  Add New Calendar

RSS Management
  RSS Export Manager
  RSS Import Manager

Custom BBCode
  Custom BBCode Manager
  Add New BBCode

Word & Ban Filters
  Manage Badword Filters
  Manage Ban Filters

  Attachment Types
  Attachment Stats
  Attachment Search

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Since I ran into this today, a suggestion for those of you who might be having this problem, just open sources/acp_loaders/acp_content.php


$this->ipsclass->input['act'] = 'forum';


$this->ipsclass->input['act'] = 'mem';

Excellent... Thank you...
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