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Moderated groups...?

Guest Dan

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We're still getting hit by a lot of spam on our forums since the upgrade to IPB 2.2. Unfortunately, we can't turn on the Advanced CAPTCHA, as for some reason, it fails to load in the time allowed. We've got user email validation on, but it seems that isn't enough.

We decided we wanted to make a group that was only used until the member made their first post. That group would have their one post approved by a moderator before being shown, and then they could go on and post as a normal member after that. I had always thought that you could force a group to have their posts moderated, but it seems you can't.

Would be cool to see something like this made possible next time round. :thumbsup:

Edit: on that same note, if you make a group called "Newbies" and set it to upgrade after 1 post, it upgrades them even if that first post was put into a moderation queue... It probably shouldn't do that. :)

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