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Suggestion: feature requests

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Based on feedback I have received, as well as my opinion, I'd like to offer the following points:

1. Image attachments in posts: the new black box/borders around the image attachment thumbs are painfully out of place, and stick out like a bad, sore thumb. The color should really be closer related to the blue shades compared to the bold black. This would lend itself to the default skin's overall continuity and offer better presentation.

2. In keeping with the above information, is there really any need, or use, for people to know just how much the image was reduced? This just reeks of filler text to me. The only text needed, in my view, is "click to enlarge".

3. Image attachments inside popup windows. Please make this a choice to either load images inside popups or to have the thumbs link directly to the larger pic, as was the case in previous versions. I, and I am sure many others, despise popups with a passion. Having the option to turn off popups would be beneficial, and much appreciated. Before anyone asks, no, I do not use the My Assistant window either, nor the PM popups. I am of the opinion that if I want a new window open, I can open it myself rather than have it forced on me.

4. User Profile Pages. The options at this point only allow members to choose whether to moderate new friends or comments, or not. There is no option for them to not accept comments or friend requests. I think members should have the option to turn off receiving friend requests or comments on their profiles.

Other than that, I am generally pleased with the recent release. I think there's a lot of positives with this release and I'll be even happier if the above-mentioned items are given consideration, especially #3 and #4.


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Point 1 - I agree. Black border - Yuk!

Point 2 - I disagree. If I see that the image is reduced by 98% I know I am going to have to maybe suffer a large download. OK, in this day and age most people use fast connections but for someone still on dialup it could make a difference. Anyway, it's such a minor detail.........

Point 3 - Maybe. I quite like the current method but I also think a choice would be a nice idea.

Point 4 - Not sure. I have not used this feature yet so I have no opinion at the moment.

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