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My IPB feature requests gathered together....

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I posted these during the IPB 2.2 beta/RC stage but am not sure how much attention was paid by the IPB developers so I thought I'd gather them all together in one post:

1) Copy of post should be at top of e-mail - http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=229522

2) Save Search Prefs - http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=228748

3) Search improvements (ie. making it more accessible) - http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=228751

4) Improved default security - http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=229097

5) Have normal link for post's URL - http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?showtopic=228939

Most (if not all) of these suggestions would be easy to implement and would improve the whole user experience (particularly making the search feature as easy to use and accessible as possible).

Apart from these shortcomings, IPB is everything I want it to be. Please can you implement these in the next release ?

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Whoops, I missed one other feature request...

6) The ability to have immediate e-mail notifications with a copy of the post, BUT only send ONE e-mail per board visit. This is because I like to see the first reply to subscribed topics, but do not want my e-mail box clogged up with loads of e-mails on the same topic.

Please, Please, Please can you implement them (there, I've gone and begged in public. Are you happy now ? :D)

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8) When viewing the Control Panel > Inbox, to view your private messages, an index of private messages are shown. However, it can sometimes be quite hard to find exactly which message you're after just by looking at the title, and so you have to click on each message one at a time to view them. Because of this, it would be extremely useful if the contents of the actual messages were shown below the message index, with the messages being displayed as though they were posts in a topic. This would make it easy to simply scroll down the page to see the contents of the messages listed in the index.

I got this idea from a Simple Machines Forum (simplemachines.org) which has this feature, and it has proved very useful on those boards where I am a member, and it would make a great addition to IPB.

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Check the pinned topic:

Q: What features will IPB3 have?

A: Any features we've been authorized by management to discuss will be posted in our blog. We will be posting regular updates, and intend to start putting out updates a bit quicker in our blog shortly, but if it hasn't been announced there, either (1) it won't be included, or (2) we haven't been authorized to tell you that it will be. Either way, please do not post topics asking if suggestion xyz is going to be included in 3.0, as we won't be able to answer.

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