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IPB 2.2 and PHP 5.0.4

Guest drismet

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It is php 5.0.4 specific.

Open ipsclass.php and find

list( $n, $b, $r ) = explode( ".", $this->acpversion );

it's on line 317 by default. Change to

        {            list( $n, $b, $r ) = explode( ".", $this->acpversion );        }        else        {            $n = $b = $r = '';        }

if ( strstr( $this->acpversion , '.' ) )

This is fixed in IPB 2.2.1

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hmm i've had lots of blankscreen issues. usually i have to recache all skin files and reset everything and it fixes itself. Sometimes i've had to totally start from beginning tho, using this version of php, i thought it was because i was doing some modding, the issue has been a problem since 2.2 pf3 i think for me. I'll try the fix next time the issue arises just wondering if its as old as i said?

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