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Post info saved (posting in a locked topics, etc)

Guest Fast Lane

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I just went to post this to the topic that was just locked:

Agreed. In truth if you wanted to be safe you would wait until this release has been out a month maybe and all the kinks worked out. It should be obvious that installing the day after it was released will have the risk of getting less support and such since the product is new and they are swamped with requests. Also some bugs will take time to find out and resolve (fixes will not be available immediately). This may be a production ready board but if you take after apache, cpanel, etc people less often use the 'release' version but use the hardened (slightly older) version.

and then the page after said it was locked but offered me my post back in text form in case I wanted it (so I did not have to click back and get it if the browser maybe kept it). Cool! Nice feature :).
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