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A little attention to member's reputation(rating)

Guest evgen

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First of all, many thank for fast help with some problems to IPS support team!
New 2.2 surprised by very easy setup proccess and a lot of new functions, thanks Ips developers!

But I think that new most important thing called "member's rating" hasn't got good support.
I mean that there is not a few interesting features and many users must use modifications of forum because:
Rating invisible in post view(only by clicking on username)
New user rating system isn't have setting like a style of show (text, graphics or all this),
haven't message of reputation (why this user have 5 stars or 1)
haven't list of users who rated member
and may be very nice to control a forum/category permissions by reputation, or simply promote group by high rating.

all this doing member's rating unfortunately, non-finished function imho.
Please dont read this message like a very critical, ipb2.2 is extremely cool engine, but member's rating system could be upgraded and reworked I think.

Best regards, evgen
Thanks again,

I'm sorry for english

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Yeah i agree it would be nice in topic view and also just like with a lot of rating systems, it is kind of ambiguous as far as what is being rated. it could be the member as a person, member as a poster, or member's profile. I would personally assume it is for rating the member as far as their contributions to the community.

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Please, people, support this idea! :)
I dont want to use mods because this feature already in forum, but not finished and reinstall mods with every new version of ipb isn't simple.
For many communities rating for users is very usefull option.

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