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IP Logging for Registrations?

Guest Alan Owen

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I'm very intersted in purchasing Invision Power Board for use on my
Brittany-Snow.com website. I am having difficulty getting support from the
current developers of my board, because they are no longer taking in feature

Before purchasing, there is one feature I need to have, and am hoping that
Invision Power Board does include it. Presently, PHPBB, what I'm currently
using, only logs the IP address of posts, but does NOT log the IP address
used for registering the account.

Obviously, for legal reasons, since the person registering is the one
agreeing to the terms of use (agreement), I must have this IP address
logged, even more so than the actual IP for their posts.

Does Invision Power Board log IP's during registrations?

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Yes, IPB logs IPs used during registrations. The IP used when a member registered is also shown when editing their member account. In addition to that, there is an IP member tool to see all IPs a user has ever used in posts, etc...

I'm sold! I'll contact their sales to purchase a license.

Thank you for the information!!

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