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IPB Warning: DBA errors galore

Guest Nevulus

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First a little background information:
Moderate programming experience (recently converted from CFM expert to PHP newbie)

I am running IPB 2.2 RC3 on a clean server/database
Linux, kernel v2.6.18.1
MySQL v4.1.21
PHP v5.0.5

Tested on browsers:

Firefox 2.0, IE 7 (cleared both caches and cookies before testing)

Errors I keep encountering:
IPB 2.1.7 was running flawless. So I decided to clean my directory out and install a fresh version of 2.2 RC3 to test it out. Installation went flawless. During the upload step in the instruction it did not say to upload the "converge_local" directory, but I did so anyway.

After installation I deleted the appropriate file as directed and proceeded to my new 2.2 forum. Everything seem to work fine except when I click on "My assistant" where I get this error:


I also get the same error message when viewing my profile right under "Topics>My Content" below topic listing.
I also get the same error when updating member profile information such as birthday and location.

Was it an error on my behalf during installation? 2.1.7 never gave me any dba errors before and I submitted my SQL information the exact same way for 2.2 (i.e dba name, user, pwd, prefix)

I attempted a forum search before submitting this post. I apologize in advance if I overlooked a topic which addressed this same issue. Thank you.
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If it becomes an issue, you could modify class_db_mysql.php and force it to load the mysql client instead of the mysqli client - the mysql client is apparently not affected by this bug (HOWEVER, the mysqli client is much more optimized and runs much better, so your first choice should be to try to get php fixed).

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