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Search logs & topic time limits

Guest adam_sh

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Here are my 2 feature requests:

1) Time limit on replying to topics. A lot of problems we have in our forums are from people replying to threads that are 2 years old. Covert spammers use this tactic a lot as well, since some of the threads in our forum are pretty high in google for certain terms. Yes, I realize I could close each thread manually but with 20,000+ threads this just isn't practical. PLEASE, PLEASE implement a time limit I can set - maybe a month by default. After that time limit, nobody but admins can bump the thread. Seriously, this would elliminate about 90% of the problems I've encountered in running a mid-size forum.

2) Search logs, per user. Would love to know what people are interested in, just to help with the content of the forums (categories) and the main site in general. Is this already possible perhaps?

The first feature request is the priority one for me I'd say - sooner the better on that one! :)

Thanks for considering these

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