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Quick Question..

Guest ~Dopey~

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How come the skin hasn't been changed in this edition, after all it is now "2.2" it's the next step so, yea, why not?
And yea, users usually buy custom skins, but that doesn't mean much ...the current skin has been roughly the same since IPB 1.3 :( and there's also the likeability factor of 'choices'.

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From a business standpoint (professionalism), the current skin is probably the most appealing to the masses. Its design is pleasant on the eyes and (for me) easy to navigate.

Done it once, can do it again, a change is a nice thing :P

The major skin overhaul is more


.0 in nature. :lol:

"In nature" ...LMAO ...yea, in nature :whistle:

And I suppose you're right, but there was from 1.3 to 2.1 >_<
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