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A new way to combat spammers and hackers?

Guest .KX

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Okay, basically here is how this would work:

There would be an area in the Administrative Control Panel dedicated to this, it would be similar to when you login to the ACP (that first screen you are presented with). You are informed whether or not you are running the latest version of IP.Board. Though this new area would instead let you know if you had the latest version of the spammer/hacker list.

There would be a special area within the Help & Support tab that will allow you to post email addresses, user names and IP addresses of people who have attempted to spam or hack your board (whether their attempts be successful or not). IPS could have a guy or two who would check through what we submit to them to see if they were legitimate or not, not sure how they'd do that but remember, this idea is in its early stages, I'm just posting what's coming to my as it comes.

Once a week/month IPS would update a hosted list of IP's, emails and user names, once this was done, we would be told to update our list in the ACP. Upon updating the list, the emails etc. would be added automatically to the ban filters.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?

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