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Gender specific permissions

Guest .KX

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Ok well say when making a forum, you make all the group permissions etc. You should also be able to have options such as:

  • Only let people with their gender set to male enter this forum
  • Only let people with heir gender set to female enter this forum
  • etc.
Also there should be some kind of setting that is like: "If a user's gender is not set, should they be asked to set their gender, or be allowed in, or be disallowed."

We also need some kind of setting like: "Once a member's gender has been set, are they allowed to change it?" That would stop people 'cheating' to get into gender specific areas.

I just wrote this up real quick and this topic doesn't really portray my idea in a good way, but think of the possibilities.

Say if someone has a site that has a "boys only" and "girls only" area. This would mean that only those with their gender set correctly could enter the aforementioned area.
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Of course they could just sign up for another account, but I get your point.

This could be a handy thing for some communities, for sure.

No need, just change your gender :D

The only way to do this is that..if you can lock down their gender option once they selects it.

But even after that, they can still sign up for another account and get inside. No use, it's useless.
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