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Cookies problems

Guest mauro742

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I'm trying IPB 2.2 RC 3 and I've problems with cookies.

- The session id isn't stored in a cookie but it passes via url;
- The autologin doesn't work: when I close the browser I must re-login;
- The forum doesn't write the cookie forum_read.

I've already tried to:

- set Cookie Domain, Cookie Name Prefix, Cookie Path in ACP;
- disable stronghold cookie;
- delete all cookies

without solve the problem.

I've this problems with IE 6 and Firefox 1.5.

If I try IPB 2.1.7 (on same machine) there aren't problems with cookies.

Is it a bug? I read others users has the same problem.



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localhost is a singular exception - I haven't found a cookie domain that properly works for it. ;)

As such, locally, I use my IP address in the cookie domain, and use the IP address in my board url + upload url. You don't put a dot before the IP if you are using an IP. Works properly then.

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