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'Bread crumbs'

Guest .KX

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Just in case you don't know what 'bread crumbs' are, they are the things that show beneath the member bar. Example:

Invision power Services > Invision Power Services, Inc > IP.Board 2.2 Feedback (Pre-Final Release)

There should be another one at the bottom, above the footer. (i.e. Above where the skin and language selectors are.)

I know 2.2 is feature locked, but as this is already a feature, if enough positive feedback is recieved. Would you* possibly consider adding this?

* you = IPS. :P

Reason being, when I post, the browser is sent to the bottom of the topic. It's not too much trouble, but it can be a pain to scroll back up to the top sometimes.
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This can easily be done already by editing the Board skin Wrapper.

Just copy and paste: <% NAVIGATION %>

Indeed and you can have as many of those any where you want.
At one time I had one at the very top and one below the shoutbox. It worked nicely but yes was to much clutter.
I have seen sites with it at both the bottom and the top and its nice but I scroll to the top any way.
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