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Improved installation tips for novices

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I've just finished installing IP 2.2 RC2 for the first time and after speaking to my web-host got it up and running on a sub-domain of my website. :)

While the installation was quite straight-forward, there were a couple of areas which weren't so clear to a complete novice. It would be nice if the docs had the following additional info:

1) The install_guide.html says to CHMOD to 755 and if there are any problems CHMOD to 777, whereas ipb22docs.pdf says to CHMOD to 777 and if there are any problems CHMOD to 755.

2) A user on IPB Beyond mentioned that when you are on a shared server you should make sure you don't leave files with 777 permissions. It should be mentioned what these should be CHMOD'ed back to (eg. 444 ?)

3) Both documents mention an "uploads" folder but this is not present in the installation and needs to be created.

4) Give a bit of advice on what to call SQL database, along with User name to use. If it doesn't matter, say so but still give a suggestion.

5) Does it matter what you call the Admin user for IPB and is it wise to have separate users for Admin and my general support username ?

6) General advice on how to go about giving other members moderator status in a secure way (eg. if you don't trust them completely).

7) General advice on administrating a forum.

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