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Try enterring your birthday (in FF2) via the profile page using those drop-downs.

Once you've clicked on any of the drop-downs (brithday, gender or location) the other two become active if you hover on them.

So if you have your browser window positioned so that the drop-downs go upwards, it becomes very hard to enter the information as the other drop-downs keep being triggerred.

Could you change it so the drop-downs are on click, not on hover, even if one of the other drop-downs has been selected.

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I don't know what resolution you are using, but for me, in order to hover over the 'Location' field above the Birthday, you have to go a fair amount.

I cannot see how someone can click to change their birthday, and accidently go up to the Location field.


Look at the linked topic Keith ;) http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?...p;bug_cat_id=13 final post
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