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New user initial posts auto-moderation feature

Guest Frigidman

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Forgive me if this has been requested already. My initial search and scan didn't see any topics directly asking this.

On the IPB forum that I manage, every day it seems some spammer gets through the image login signup check, signs up a new account, spams 1-5 new topics, and then never returns.


A nice feature, would be a simple global setting of "Put new users first ___# of posts in moderation queue." This would simply have the effect of putting any new topics (or replies) a new user make into moderation until they have made X number of posts. At which time their posts are posted normally based on forum rules/settings.

Simple feature.

Either that, or come up with some new extremely complicated and spammer sign-up proof system to prevent them from even signing up in the first place. Because what is there now, does not appear to work for us.

Thank you for a great forum system though, keep up the good work!
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Although you can do what I do for now.. simply restrict new members to moderated forums so no new post shows publicly until approved.

After x number of posts have the user promoted to a group that can post normally.

This has worked wonders on my forum. Spammers have actually stopped bothering to sign up after they posted a few times and didn't see anything show up on the forum :)

I'd still like to see the proposed solution though since my method would be a real pain on busy forums.

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