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Server Load protection not functional

Guest ViruzcK

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I understand what you are saying. You set the server load to 50 in the ACP (so the server load message would show if you had 51 or more people online). Yet it showed when you only had 2 people online?

The value of load isn't the same as user online (concurrent users connections are contributing to load).


Even though I didn't took a look at IP2.2 I don't think this features differs from the current version. Feel free to correct me.
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The server load gets cached into the system_cache and then updated on shutdown approx every 10 seconds.

On Linux, the load is an average...so that means your load average hit 50. If the page didn't lift, but the load average has gone down, try updating the system cache under Cache Control. You can also view the value currently cached by clicking 'View Cache'

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