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IPB has stopped releasing cookies

Guest UnitedPakistan

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I noticed this problem when i upgraded from 2.1.7 despite the fact that nothing was changed.

I noticed that SupportersUnited also had the same problem as well. I think IPB should really look into this cookies issue. I see a whole lot of posts on it. And I hope this doesnt get locked because this COULD possibly be a problem since I am not the only one with the problem.

Take a look for yourself...

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I just figured out the solution to this problem....

Go to Tools and Setting and then view general settings and hit cookies...

Please fill in the following...

Cookie Domain: your domain name like urbanpk.com

Cookie Name Prefix: you can put anything you like in here like Forums1 of Forums2 or Ihatemonkeys

That should fix it :thumbsup:

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All the members have to do is click on the link on the front of the board to delete cookies set by this board, then re-logon. An the cookies issue will be solved. Very simple.

Why should I tell every members to do this? It is not sensible. IPB should be able to control it.

I found another bug.

If you use Internet Explorer 6.

login on the forum, eg: www.mysite.com/forum then go back to homepage www.mysite.com then click on the form link to www.mysite.com/forum. i have re-login!
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