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Global Message future .. it's here but not on 2.2 ?

Guest qsd

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I wanted to ask something almost in this direction...

Will there be a "global thread" function in one of you next realeses? I like to make an announcement to all forums where people can reply to or even make a global poll... Maybe just get the global threads just together with the pinned threads bit with a [global] tag in front...?

what do you think? :)

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It's a 2 minute skin edit in the global board wrapper. :)

Heh, you can do ANYTHING with an edit ;), I think something like this should be a main feature

You can do something similar with Announcements, which can be controlled from your user control panel (who thought of putting it there?)

Announcements wont display on the main page, I really wish we had a main page announcement like the forum rules (they can be used as announcements)
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