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the is an upgrade for beta to rc 1 when it's out, right?

Guest abney317

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- Do not use this software on a public install. The software will expire after October 30, 2006 and may contain issues that prevent it from operating properly. Wait for the final series for your public boards.

- If you wish to test the upgrade from 2.1.7 to 2.2 please do so on a copy of your database. Do not perform an upgrade on your live data. We will not be able to assist you if the upgrade fails.

- You will be able to upgrade from 2.2 Public Beta 2 to 2.2 RC 1 when it is available.

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Sorry mate I think you will be doing it again, RC1 is uncoded and Beta 2 is coded and cannot be overwritten, hence the warning from IPS at the start of the Beta.

I don't know where you learned computers from, but all you have to do is copy the new files over the beta files and they will be overwritten. Then just run the upgrade script and It will work fine, Just remember to not over write the global_config file and all will be fine.

Encoding of the file only keep the code from be read in standard editor, the file can be copied over like any other file.
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