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'manage validating' improvements?

Guest icedawg

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I don't suppose there are any improvements in the 'manage validating' service in 2.2? As it is I need to have 3 different windows open (one containing the list of users pending validation, one to view their profiles, and one to check their IP address), requiring flipping back and forth. I wish at least that the validating window could provide links to their profile and to their IP information. Preferrably though perhaps some IP information could automatically be displayed when viewing the pending-validation list, such as other users sharing his or her IP address, or the number or a list of those sharing a matching range (like xxx.xxx.xxx.*).

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And I'd still like to see a 'Resend validation email' option added in the dropdown.

It is. Try 2.2.

Another thing would be to just have "user validating" and "admin validating" in another color so that one can easily find the ones to look after in a longer list.

There's a drop down filter.
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