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Unregister Tickets

Guest Paulo Freitas

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Hi anyone! :thumbsup:

Due to constant requests of unregister in my forum, here's my suggestion: Unregister Tickets

This feature would be a link in User CP, which will list in ACP these requests, where an admin will be able to accept / decline. :rolleyes:

I think that this implementation is necessary for the fact of users depend on the contact with an administrative body member for such, to after this execute this removal, a time that would be more practical to have an administrative module for such. :)

PS: Excuse-me by my poorly english, I don't speak english fluently. :huh:

Cheers. :D

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I think a compromise would be better.

I'd say add the ability to delete a member on the member's profile view (for admins only, of course). Then the member could PM the admin asking to be deleted, & the admin could simply click on the sender's name to go to the profile & delete their account if they chose to do so.

This way, the admin could also readily check the member's previous posting habits or ban them instead, if they feel that is a better course.

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