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Hard To Answer Question? How Does V2.2 Compare In Speed To Previous Ve

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After I upgraded my large forum (1.9 mil posts) from v2.0.4 to v2.1.7 my members and I saw slightly slower performance and slightly higher server load with the same number of members online. My question is how will v2.2 compare to v2.1.7 in terms of speed and server load? Are we continuing to add features at the cost of lower performance? This is important to those of us with large busy forums.

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Your question is a good one, and a hard one to answer.

I can outline, however, that we've put a lot of time into polishing functions to work much more effeciently, in efforts to make 2.2 faster/less intensive than previous versions.

Some changes to note:
--2.2 supports MySQL 5 (which is more optimized than v4, though probably not noticably)
--2.2 supports the php mysqli client, which runs much better than the older mysql client
--2.2 supports alternative caching methods (i.e. eaccelerator or memcache) if available, and configured
--Some of the code in the calendar was rewritten in 2.2, the calendar dropped from ~14 queries to ~7 afterwards as a result
--Some of the code in the messenger was rewritten to not load the skin_ucp, lang_ucp, and func_ucp files when they were not used for more than one function - this has dropped the messenger load times greatly

I spent a lot of time profiling IPB 2.1 as we were working on 2.2 (and profiling 2.2 as I was working on it) and we've made numerous enhancements that while minor, collectively, should improve IPB's speed. Signatures only parsing once in the topic view, the sorting functions (usort) only being run once in the parsing routine, etc. :)

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Brandon have you ever thought of Optimizing

Search,Help and members list

to reduce total used queries

The "Help" section uses 5 queries on the list page, and 5 queries on the view page, when you consider that 4 of them are global IPB queries anyway, I fail to see why it needs optimizing.

The search form uses 4 queries, that means it's adding no extras at all. Of course, the search process itself is likely to use some extra queries, but there's none that I can see that could be removed. Even then, it's only 8 total queries, that's very low.

As for the members list, it uses 7 queries. Five of them are not member list specific, and the other two are both required. Granted, one of those queries is running slow ( MySQL time: 1.10188, when I ran it ), but I'd imagine that's an IPS server side problem.
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