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Upgrade Template timeout

Guest Sinistra

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Every time I try to upgrade it gose well till about the templets I get as far as

Template bits: 1200 to 1225 completed. 0 updated..

before it times out and says

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/XXX/public_html/testipb/sources/api/api_skins.php on line 371

my PHP exicution time is about 20 mins so I know its not that. is there a way to up the exicution time in the file?

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Are you sure your max execution time is 30 minutes? If you go into the ACP of a live board (on the same server) and view the PHP Info, or create a new PHP file (and open its URL in your browser, of course) containing nothing but the text "<?php phpinfo(); ?>" it should give you all the settings for your PHP, search out "max_execution_time" and make sure it's a LOT higher than 30. If there are two DIFFERENT values, chances are it has been changed recently but PHP hasn't been restarted to pick up the changes.

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