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Forum alias (not redirect)

Guest Luke

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I know this might not be useful for that many people, but it would be neat to have a "forum alias" feature. You can do it with the forum redirect, but it only shows you the number of times a forum has been redirected. What I am suggesting is something like redirect, but from forum->forum that would show the latest post and number of posts of the forum it's linking to.

Where it would be useful is if you had a forum like this:

-Admin Forum

--English Moderators
--(A)Admin Lounge
-- ... other forums ...
-- German Moderators
--(A)Admin Lounge
-- Lounge
-- ...other forums ...
-- French Moderators
--(A)Admin Lounge
-- French Lounge
-- ... other forums ...

Now the way I have this setup is I have identical forums for each language (it would be broken up into sections more, that was just an example). When running a forum it's often a good idea, when you have multi-lingual users, to separate the different languages... When you do that you would have a Moderator Lounge for each language because those moderators are only responsible for that section of the site, and a lot of times they will only speak that language. Then you have Admins that over-see the whole site and will speak one of those languages + English, but they spend most of their time in the section of their native language. That means that they would barely touch the main index.... So it would be neat to be able to see if any new posts were made next to the moderator lounge instead of skipping back and forth to see posts between the two.

I'm sure there would be other uses as well, but that was just my example. Forum redirects are nice, but you could do more with them if you were just linking from one forum to another.

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