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I think Friends should be part of My Assistant or be its own my asssistant type popup (as have been mentioned by quite a few people). Also My Assistant should be collapsible or "pop out" into a new window where it can be minimized when going between pages. That would also mean the friends list would always be with you when you switch pages, but also be a my assistant type of popup, which looks much better. I do not know what is possible with the my assistant type of feature, but if this is possible, it would be highly useful.

Also it would be interesting if in the future all PM sending is through my assistant possibly. Or maybe just have it there in addition to how it is now? ntd had a full message text in my assistant mod for 2.1 with scrollbars, which also would be good. I know it could mean large loading times, but oh well, so it is when going to the PM center itself if it has a huge message, I would assume.

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