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When you subscribed to any topic or as IPB calls it Track this topic, when you will hit Options for that topic you ALWAYS see Track this topic!
So when you press Track this topic already been subscribed to it you get an "Error page" with The error returned was: You are already subscribed to this topic or forum.
This is realy stupid!
I have a lot of friends who use IPB and all says this is the most thing they hate in IPB.

P.S. In VB when you are subscribed to any topic and you hit Options you see option like Unrack this topic (if we say IPB format).

I can't understand why this one was not "fixed" for such a long period!?

P.S.S. Even to say that if user tried to subscribe for some forum several times it is not an Error!!!
In other words, when user hit Track this topic and see The error returned was: he can begin to think that there is some BUG in that forum.

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It's interesting how some things people take for granted as being relatively minor get on other people's nerves. I'm with Anubis here, it's pretty minor in my opinion. You could always put in a feature suggestion for it.

I am using phpBB for 4-5 years.
Now I have to choose where to invest money - into VB or into IPB.
And when I see facts that push me away from some investment, I prefer to tell about this fact.
I am in forums and sites development is for a very very long time and when I begin to speak about some facts, I know that people who is responsible for that must listen for my words!
If they don't listen - they will lose money, even if they think they don't.
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Well quite frankly, I can see where you're coming from; this should have been fixed a long time ago. It's an obvious omission, but on the other hand, it's not a huge deal either.

I wouldn't have my purchase decision depend on that; you can easily change the code to fix this yourself.

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I think people tend to forget about features like tracking a 'print a topic', is it because they are pointless, or that IPS have made them pointless?
Tracking - why can't we unsubscribe in an easy way?
Print a topic - why can't we print a post?

I'm sure you can think of more. IPS tend to overlook small things like this and rather import more major features. Don't get me wrong, I would never use any other BBS, but nothing is ever perfect.

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