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Bad suggestions

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This should go in in the suggestions forum, but...

1. Most forums shouldn't really exceed 10 topics from the start so it shouldn't take to long and it doesn't need to be changed very often.
2. It may confuse newbs who click and then don't know how to get the sort order back to normal
3. May be usefull
4. May be usefull
5. May be usefull

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1.Seems a little unnecessary. Would rather an "import/export CSV forum list" or something so we can do that sort of thing.
2.Too confusing for members. Disagree.
3.Waste of database space, and confusing for members. Disagree.
4.Ajax for the sake of Ajax. Disagree.
5.Ajax for the sake of Ajax. Disagree.

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1.Quick multible forum add

2.forum Unobtrusive sortable table instead of normal order system

see example here

4.Moderator Options With Ajax

5.Quick Register + Log In Ajax

All very useless IMO

1. What?
2. Again why?
3. Why?
4. Why?
5. No, bad idea and again why?

Are people getting that lazy they can't wait just 2 secs for a page to load? Ajax should only be used for full blown web applications not for this litlte stuff that could at the very least can be used just as well with out it. If IPB start to add such features I would stick with my current version.
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