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IMO, this seems to be a valid cause for concern with the new levels of service and pricing.

I have a lifetime license so it doesn't affect me, but i can see where there might be some nervousness by new customers looking at purchasing IPB.

IMO, IPB seems to be more heavily targeted in the area of security over the last year and I would be nervous as a new customer with the new policy.

What i would like to give as feedback to IPS:

To possibly be generous in making security patches (not product updates) to the current IPB forum release available to the public. Especially one's that may be criticial updates. I'm not even suggesting they change their terms of the new system, just a matter of going above and beyond the terms and making sure that they don't have a lot of unsecured boards (from customers who did pay) but have ended support.

Anyways, those are my two cents. (since you guyz are asking for feedback :P )
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