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Might be 'bloat' but just came up with idea:

  • User can choose what buttons they want for the fast-reply. Admin can also restrict some buttons from being choosen. They may also select the emotions they want to see.
  • Moderation option: Add what a moderator can do (normal add reply post), in quick-reply [drop down-box]. They may "also" choose what they want to see in the drop-down box.
  • If possible, have a option (for fast/add reply) to see your most selected buttons only.
Example for #3: I use bold and slanted the most, If I wanted (may also be a admin option), I can choose to only load those buttons when I (quick)reply.

Somewhat similar to Microsoft Word. It puts your most used functions (of word) first. (like
thinks so

It's amazing what I can think of. And i'm only a sophmore (spelling?) in High-school. :whistle: Might also post this in the FR forum
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Just thought of a quick, and possibly useful ACP +tion. In macros (of a skin), it woudl be very helpful to add some small tabs to sort the macros out. Like:

Forum macros
Topic macros
Profile macros
Other macros

And it would be VERY helpful, to also (besides tabizie them {}) pageize them. Right now all the macros of the board are clutted together, when I go to the macros page (on this computer) not all of them show, thus making it so I have to wait around 7+ minutes for 'something' to happen (not exactly sure) so I can visit the forum (or any forum on the server at all) again.

Whos with me!

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