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Safari & Other Noticed Issues Plus Suggestions

Guest SnakEyez

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First off, let me just say that this is from the forum here, not from my personal beta test since the beta is not available yet to download.

The problems I am noticing are as follows. First off, the tab order on the new post screen is a little messed up. It jumps from the Topic Title to the Body, then back to the Topic Description. This order should really go down the page.

Second, in Safari, there is a problem with the box you have on the left for the smilies. In Firefox it is a nice little scrolling box. In Safari it looks like this:


So as you can see it is not being displayed properly at all. And this is using the latest version of Safari (2.0.4).

Another item I want to mention. Before when you used to enter a link or an image, it used to have http:// already in the box. Can that be put back into the default template before the final release. The only reason I say this is that I thought IPB could not recognize the address as www.domain.com/link , but if it does read it in that format it does not need to be changed.

Also, will we have the option via the Control Panel to have the buttons for Insert Link, Insert Image, etc. instead of the quick access menu? I think the menu is a good idea, but I think that we should have a button set to match the bold, italic, etc. buttons so at least we can be given a choice.

Finally, does anyone notice the version number at the bottom of the page isn't working?

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