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Problem on birthday in the profile....

Guest Eliran

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This registers the contrary date Of the birthday.

For example my date He:


And this registers the date:


I am a voter option from the box of the birthday all the time of the box is closed.

That would be due to the locale setting of your database. Your database is likely not set to the same locale as your forum, so the date is reversed.
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It displays in the American format, is there a way to make it display in the UK format?

Or if not at least have it so it reads:

May 3rd 1984

instead of

5/3/1984 (which to me reads like the 5th March 1984)

I'm curious about this, as well. I like to have dates on my board displayed as 9 Dec 04, for example, so I want the birthdates to show up this way, too.
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I thought that could be done via the existing "Edit Member" thing.

It doesn't have that feature.

why does the link show as "http://forums.invisionpower.com/index.php?act=Post&CODE=02&f=296&t=226943&qpid=1420097#" when I hover the mosue over "Show All" on the emoticons box?
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You've always been able to format dates using the Date & Time formats option in the ACP, I'm sure IPB 2.2 will be no different. There should be one of the date options there that controls the format of the date, you just have to set the format the way you want it.

Lots of links in IPB are just the current page with a # stuck at the end, those launch javascript popups mostly. They are links that just set the href to # and then have an onclick event usually.
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