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Yearly Licenses - 2.2 Will you be renewing

Guest DeanClinton

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I said yes, but I actually won't have to in the sense that my yearly license won't be expiring until July of 2007, and I'm pretty sure that 2.2 will have been released by then. Will I upgraded my standard license after July 2007? Most likely, but only for major software updates. I don't need the support.

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I run three boards.

Two of them may be renewed but that will be in long term, perhaps in Summer 2007 or so.

One board will not be renewed at all and may close it or stay with the old version.

Seems to be a little expensive for general board!

I suggest dropping the price down for standard but increase the price for business, after all business have more money than us.

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I'll let my yearly expire

(I posted before in another topic that it ends on the 30th September - this is wrong, meant to post "December" :lol: )

then I'll pay the $25 for updates. :)

I thought you had a perpetual. I'm going to buy one before the structure is updated. :D
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