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Find member's posts AJAX function on profile

Guest ellawella

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When you visit a member profile, it immediately begins searching for their latest posts. Is this a good idea? Seems a little resource heavy to me (took about a minute to come up just now). What's more, the times aren't shown next to the posts, only the date, which isn't much good. And "Read Topic" actually takes you to the post, not the main topic. It should be a link to showtopic=x, with a direct link somewhere else.

Hey, and what do I do if I want to view more than the last five posts of a member?

And the full reply box is FAR too wide. The more padded "Topic Title" and "Topic Description" fields above look out of place compared with it.

And also, the new ipb-top-right-link class used with the links at the top looks a bit out of place, like it doesn't fit in with the rest of the bar.

That is all :D

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