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New announcement format

Guest Sam A

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I like it. :) I've always thoght IPS' announcements were lacking compared to like Jelsoft's, hope they continue in the new format.

IPB 2.2 looking good btw, can't wait til the beta and a chance to play with the ACP.

where is this new announcement format you speak of? :blink:
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I never thought anyone would comment on announcement format :)

I'm glad to be the first. :)

I think they're talking about the format of the announcement in the News and Updates forum. It is nice and easy to read.

Easier to read and more informative, hope the IPB 2.2 release announcement is in a similar stylee.
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Can some one make a screenshot of that announcement?

In VB you can add as many announcements as you want to any forum.
I didn't see the same thing in IPB 2.1.7
I see only that I can add 1 (one) forum rule for each forum.
I realy wanted to add as many announcements as I want to any forum.

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As has already been stated, I wasn't referring to IPB's announcement feature.

Thanks. I saw it but I hope that I just didn't understand that post.
In other words I can't add several Announcments in IPB, even I can't add one, only forum rules.
Very pity. One more "-" in my comparison.
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Announcements and Forum Rules are two different things. Each forum can have one defined 'Forum Rules' section, but as many Announcements as you want. You add Announcements in your My Controls -> Moderator Tools -> Manage Announcements page, not in the ACP.

:thumbsup: Thanks
P.S. Never think to look for it in such place!
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