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a reputation system would make this the best

Guest Maddogg1177

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This is only a version of it that has just same functions. It was only to test if it works :) Built-in version of it is on my localhost. I will release it a few weeks later I hope :)

That could be very interesting actually... moving more into the realm of software like Slashcode, you could implement "auto-hide" for posts from posters that all round just post crap. Apparently IPB 3.0 will make this very easy to do - so I'd hold off hacking the software to bits to do any real cool stuff with it - interesting that you use the term Karma rather than Reputation, do you use it as some sort of Reward/Penalty system? Wait, don't answer that, it's a topic best suited for IPS Beyond.

another reputations thread???

No, someone just grave dug a really old one.
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