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Word replacement/highlighting

Guest Security_Installer

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I want to be able to highlight certain words in every post and be able to control the way each word is highlighted.

The highlighting may be a colour, bold text, italic text or strikethrough text.

So if some one types security it automatically appears in the post as security in red text, or if the type bellbox that would appear as bellbox in blue text, etc etc.

And ideally i'd like to be able to add and edit each word from the admin control panel.

The BWF is sort of what i'm after, but need to keep the word but be able to adjust text as mentioned above.

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Can this be done with the BB Code Manager?

I don't know, if it can i'd be interested to know how.?

All I need to be able to do is Highlight a choice selection of words in one of several ways, either by colour alteration, bold, italic or strikethrough text.

And even better would be the abillity to alter colour and choose either bold, italic or strikethrough text.
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