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If all you're going to do is "approve all" it kind of defeats the point of having Admin approval at all surely ?

I agree with the first post. No it doesnt defeat the purpose.

On my site alone I sometimes have up to 40 or more new people join a day. (Sometimes less too.) And alot of times I cant check the validation that day. Sometimes it takes a day or 2 so now it gets incredibly backed up. And as much as I love going through and approving all of them individually (you do even 80 of them in a 2 day or so period), this is something thats sorely needed. This way you select all and do a scan of email addys that would be blatantly false, etc etc and deselect them. Which goes much faster than the other way around.

I nominate this feature. Its sorely needed. The select all would be great for approval, but would be great for re-sending people their validation emails as well. Since there always seems to be alot of problems with people sometimes not receiving their validation email.
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hrm. Sounds kind of like underworld and whitetigergrowl are asking for slightly different features. The prior just wants to be able to select them all to either approve or disapprove them (which btw is already present in the version I'm using--2.1.7 has a checkbox at the very top that selects or deselects all the users under the 'Manage Validating' section), while the latter seems to want to be able to select them all and then perform various validation check procedures (i.e. verify all email addresses).

Personally, I just want the user's name to link to his/her profile, and the IP to link to the IP-multi tool. Of course, that's simple enough to change on my own...I guess I'm just surprised it doesn't already do that.

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