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A tool to configure a menu on the board

Guest SecondSight

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Hello !

On my board, I have or am going to have :
- a gallery ;
- a chat ;
- a blog system ;
- a links system ;
- a download system
- a wiki system ;
- and IPD.

I' will be happy because my site will have all the necessary features that my web site needs.

But : in addition to "My controls", "View new posts", "My assistant", "Help", "Search", "Members", "Calendar" and other already existing links at the top of the page, I think all these links are going to make a lot of links all at the same place.

I don't understand a lot about CSS, PHP and the rest. So is it possible to create a system of menu that the admin could configure or something that would allow him to organise all these links ?

Thank you ! :)

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Yes, I've already made this and used a mod created by BrianX.

But the problem is that it doesn't look very good in Internet Explorer, and it needs more changes to make it possible to create a good menu (there are links I want members to see clearly and more than others).

So I will have to learn to create my own skin...

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